About Clayton Aquariums

  • Bellevue Square

From the original stainless steel and glass aquariums that I installed in the mid-50’s at the Cobb Building in downtown Seattle, to the beautiful acrylic displays that we now design and maintain throughout the Northwest, we continue the same commitment to produce quality products and services for our customers.

My first advertisement was entitled “Fish are Fascinating”.

They are still as fun as ever, bringing beauty, calm and pleasure to peoples living and working environments.

We are grateful to all of our customers who have made this unique business possible.

Steve Clayton

Our Aquarium Locations:

Corporate lobbies
Assisted Living
Nursing homes
Childcare Centers
Retail Stores
Executive offices
Alzheimer’s Centers
Dental Offices
Private Schools
Retirement homes
Car Dealerships
Medical Centers
Learning Centers
Movie Productions
Over 30 Restaurants and Hundreds of Medical centers and Dental offices throughout the Northwest


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