A Conversation with Steve Clayton

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A Conversation with Steve Clayton, owner of Clayton Aquarium Corporation

By Jeanne Lamont, Bailey Boushay House Homefront publication for Virginia Mason

Originally published April 2004

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton, owner of Clayton Aquariums, in front of one of the two Saltwater displays he donated to BBH.


In 1954, a young boy named Steve started a business with his Dad and brother. Steve had a passion for taking care of fish and their tanks. 50 years later Steve shares his passion for aquatic nature with Bailey-Boushay House.

Clayton Aquariums donated two Custom tanks, with ongoing maintenance shortly after our facility opened in 1992. When asked why he chose to give to Bailey-Boushay House this gift Steve said, “you have to remember that 10 years ago the AIDS epidemic was very different. It was such a difficult time for AIDS organizations in the early days. They were trying to do good work and not getting much community support. I felt that our corporation could make a statement by contributing beautiful saltwater fish displays, and letting Bailey-Boushay know that we honor and support the wonderful work they are doing in our community.”

Clayton Aquariums is the nation’s largest aquarium servicing company. They currently have over 900 installations, mostly in commercial locations. A great many of their Northwest customer are hospitals and other health care organizations. Along with donating aquarium service to BBH, Clayton Aquariums also provides Saltwater displays for the Ronald McDonald Houses in Seattle.

Clayton’s business philosophy is to place aquariums where the maximum amount of people benefit from them. Putting them in place where people don’t have access with outside nature connects patients with the process of life. Being sick is stressful and bringing nature into the living spaces creates a calming and soothing environment that patients, families and staff very much appreciate.

Clayton Aquariums’ business philosophy is not unlike Bailey-Boushay’s philosophy of care. “We create caring environments though the healing arts. Patients are connected to the process of life through art, gardens, music and companion animals.” The fish tanks on each of our residential floors are an integral part of that caring environment.

Thank you Clayton Aquariums for over 11 years of supporting our work in caring for patients with HIV/AIDS and other with life-threatening illnesses. Today, we honor you Steve! Thank you.

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