Our Aquariums

Custom Shapes and Sizes up to 1000 Gallons

  • Commercial grade acrylic aquariums.Overlake Hospital in Bellevue Admissions Lobby Bullet Aquarium
  • A wide assortment of aquarium design choices, shapes, sizes and background colors.
  • We offer 3D imaging drawings for concept development to scale shop drawings.
  • Our quality custom cabinetry individually built for each application from our custom cabinet shop.
  • Aquariums have all museum grade seams.
  • An available inventory of custom aquariums.
  • Specializing in commercial applications and settings.
  • We offer a variety of new colors for our acrylic aquariums. We use colors on the backs of wall model displays and on the ends of see thru aquariums.
  • Colors include: green, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, sea-foam blue, blue-green and black.
  • Many of our customers like the colors options because they make the tanks brighter and more entertaining, especially with our new LED lighting options.
  • Inclusive service programs for one monthly charge.
  • Millions of people enjoy viewing our aquariums every month.
  • A trusted company serving the Puget Sound region for over a 1/2 Century.
  • A thoughtful and extensive community service program.

Design aspects of aquariums

When we design aquarium projects with our customers, we evaluate different ways an aquarium display can enhance the effectiveness the their spaces. We use 3D imaging software so customers can see the conceptual design from start to completion.

This includes elements such as:

  • Using a aquarium to divide a space and to assist in directing and improving traffic circulation.
  • A divider or see thru aquarium also increases the viewing area of the aquarium without increasing the cost.- . See portfolio
  • We also try to use design to make aquariums more functional for our customers by adding seating bookshelves and tables as part of the display. See portfolio
  • Using the aquarium to provide privacy, particularly important in medical environments.
  • Using an aquarium to draw people into a space. ie. first impression as a focal point- like artwork.
  • Placing the display in a corner makes it possible to have the benefits of an aquarium without losing any potential seating space.
  • Adds warmth, natural beauty and entertainment to institutional settings.
  • Brings brightness into darker areas.
  • We have worked with hundreds of designers and contractors over the years to coordinate  design, construction, delivery and cost effective installations. We install over 75 new custom aquarium projects per year.
  • Full Time Operations Manager, Peter Korch who has been with the company for over 30 years overseeing the Coordination and Installation of all our custom displays.

Specialized Lease Programs Available For Commercial Displays

We offer leasing on custom aquariums for commercial applications only.  We lease custom rectangular tanks in standard four five and six foot wall and divider models as shown in leased tanks.